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What Our Clients Say

“ Anthony and his team where an amazing asset to have in creating a crisp clear and concise website. They didn’t just redesign my website they helped me refine my message and put it in a language that anyone a can understand.  I am extremely happy with my website and have had nothing but positive feedback from colleagues on the new design and message. ”

James Wardrop
EngTech Ltd

“The team guided me through the design and revision process, and while always supporting my vision, I was able to lean on their expertise and guidance to build a much better brand and website that I feel will generate the results I am looking for.  The collaborative feedback and review process allowed us to reach a final product that has exceeded my expectations. ”

Matthew Dun
GenNow™ Pty Ltd

The 4-Step
Brand Authority Design System™

Brand Enhancing Designs Built For Conversion
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How the Brand Authority Design System™ works:

1. Understanding Who You Serve

We Learn How Your Clients Think and What They Want Most So We Can Get Them To Pay Attention To You

This step is thorough research on you, your products/services, what the real results are you offer your clients, and then, what your clients are actually thinking about before during and after they need a service like yours.

This helps us identify what types of language and design styles will work best to attract and keep your ideal customers and increase conversion rates so you can make more money.

2. Copywriting & Packaging

We Help Communicate Your Offer In A Way That Connects To Your Prospects Core Desires So They Have Strong Reasons To Take Action.

We work with you here to 'package' what you sell in a way that immediately grabs the attention of your prospects by making it abundantly clear what you do, how you do it, and how you can help them so they can see themselves receiving the results they desire from the service you can deliver.

This way, you will be able to sell easier and more consistently.

3. Purchase Paths

Engineer An Effective Sales or User Flow

Once we have your package figured out, we spend time mapping out the path prospects need to take before they are ready to buy.

In other words, understanding your sales process and embedding all or some of it as needed in your website so you can automate and save time.

This way we can embed key elements of what your prospects need to see and understand before they would make an inquiry or purchase something.

4. Authority Design

Attractive Presentation Your Prospects and Customers Will Enjoy

Once all your copywriting and sales processes are created and mapped, we design a beautiful website around it that your visitors will love and find easy to navigate.

This will help increase your authority in your marketplace and help you stand out as the number one business so you can generate more leads and sales

Here's What You Get
In Our Website Packages:

Get your money back
PLUS $1,500. No kidding...

We want you to know we don't mess around. We do what we say, and if we don't we will give you your money back and $1,500 just for wasting your time.

Custom Design.

So you can stand out against your competitors
Our professional designers will work closely with our marketers to create a unique design that stands out in your industry and separates you from your competition. This way, you can become the authority in your marketplace and sell more at higher prices.

Professional Copywriting.

So you can connect directly with your prospects core desires and encourage them to purchase or make an enquiry.
Our experienced marketing and copywriting team dive deep into what drives your prospects and customers so they can develop simple but powerful language that immediately grabs the attention of your prospects. We do this by making it abundantly clear what you do, how you do it, and how you can help them so they can see themselves receiving the results they desire from the service you can deliver. This way, you will be able to sell easier and more consistently.

Unlimited Revisions.

So there's no doubt we will end up with the perfect design.
You know what we are sick of? Design companies that put a limit on how many revisions you can make before you have to pay them more money... We stand against this practice by providing UNLIMITED revisions in our design phase so we can all work together freely without fear of extra cost. This way, our creativity can flow together and we will end up with a better design that your customers will love and you can be confident with operating and promoting your business.

12 Months Free WebFlow Hosting.

So you can focus on making money, not paying bills.
If you choose to host your website with our partner and chosen host WebFlow, we will foot the hosting bill for you for the next 12 months.

FREE 6 Month Minor Update.

So you can adjust to any changes in operations or features you might have after the website goes live.
After 6 months of a new website you might find business is booming and you want to add some more services or just make some simple package updates etc. With our complimentary 6 month update, we can make any minor chages to text or imaging that you require for free.

Plus All Our Websites Come With

Responsive Designs For
ALL Devices
Global Delivery Network, So Your Site Loads Fast
Premium Support

Some of Our Recent Work

List of Inlcusions

Our Websites Include:

  • In-Depth Customer and Market Research
    - Value $2,000
  • Professional Copywriting Service
    - Value $2,000
  • User Flow Planning
    - Value $1,000
  • Custom Brand Authority Design™ With Unlimited Revisions
    - Value $5,000
  • Website Build/Development Into Live Site
    - Value $3,500
  • 12 Months FREE Hosting
    - Value $540
  • Q&A And Bug Testing
    - Value $760
  • $1,500 Better Than Money Back Guarantee - PRICELESS
Total Value $14,800
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Get your money back
PLUS $1,500. No kidding...

We don't mess around. We do what we say, and if we don't we will give you your money back and $1,500 just for wasting your time.

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About Us

Why are we here?

"Gorilla Design Team™

was born out of a need to combine epic design skills with marketing know-how.
After running a marketing agency for 3 years I saw the aftermath of our client's businesses who had spent 10's of thousands of dollars dealing with a so-called design and 'marketing' agency with little results. Those companies were really just designers who could design marketing material such as websites, but had no idea of what to say on, and how to layout those websites to actually get results. We'd have to re-do all of the design work for 95% of our clients costing them even more money.

So, Gorilla Design Team™ is here to bridge that gap between design and marketing skills so you can get epic design for your website as well as it being a powerful marketing tool."
- Anthony Killeen
Founder, Gorilla Design Team™
Common Questions

FAQ about our web design service

Send any questions to info@gorilladesignteam.com
How much do your websites cost?
Our websites start at $2,900. This includes design and build out to live site. Please submit a quote request here to get a specific price quotation for your businesses needs.
Does your web design package include both design and building of the website?
Yes. We develop our websites in 3 phases. First phase is the research and copywriting phase. Second phase is the design phase with unlimited revisions. And the third phase is the build or development phase where we take your design and bring it to life on the web!
I don't have a logo yet, can you help with that too?
Yes. We have developed and designed many logos. This is an extra service that starts at $599. Please visit this page HERE to find out more about our brand design services. We have a brand package available as an opening special.
How long does it take to build my website?
This can vary depending on the project but approximately 1-3 months as long as you are quick with providing us with what we need and then being efficient with feedback during the unlimited design phase. Generally, it takes about 2 weeks for the copywriting and research phase, and then two weeks each for the design and build phases.

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