EngTech: Re-design old website and create brand message and copywriting.

  • Industry
    Subsea Pipelines
  • Location
    Netherlands and Australia

The EngTech™ website build was a complete overhaul of the old site pictured below. The old website had no specific call out to visitors and no calls to action:

Engtech website before Gorilla Design Team™
Before Gorilla Design Team™
After Gorilla Design Team™


We worked meticulously on the product message so the EngTech™ site could speak directly to their target clients in the subsea pipeline sector and created a 'flow' for those prospects to seamlessly read down the page and fully grasp and understand the product and how it can save them massive amounts of time and money.


We used the existing logo and integrated parts of it subtly throughout the design to help add contrast in the backgrounds, strengthening the brand image. Small details like the fine 'pipeline' connecting all the sections were also thoughtfully added to sync in with the pipeline industry adding authenticity.


We have two calls to action in multiple areas on the site calling out those that are the decision-makers and those that might be reporting to someone above them. Decision-makers are presented with a free consultation option and others with a downloadable booklet (sales brochure) so they can easily email it off to their boss or print it out.  

We love the subtlety of the design elements and the powerful messaging that together, position the client as an authority in their industry, and make the site a great sales getting asset rather than just an online business card that drains the wallet.

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