GenNow™: Develop new website from scratch plus construct brand message and copywriting.

  • Industry
    Mental Health and Disability Support
  • Location
    Brisbane, Australia

Matthew Dun approached us with only a rough idea of a business he wanted to start and the name he'd decided on, Generation Now (GenNow)

We helped Matthew develop his vision into a tangible brand that bucks the th usual look and feel of brands in his industry and separates GenNow™ from the competition with a fresh but professional vibe that speaks to his clients and the end results they are looking for.

“The team guided me through the design and revision process, and while always supporting my vision, I was able to lean on their expertise and guidance to build a much better brand and website that I feel will generate the results I am looking for.  The collaborative feedback and review process allowed us to reach a final product that has exceeded my expectations. ” - Matthew Dun, Director of GenNow™


With multiple service offerings the challenge was on to not only refine the message for each service but an overall message that would help immediately capture the attention of GenNow's target market. We ended up with a homepage that has a simple but powerful headline message about who they are and what they do, and the an easy big button layout to direct visitors to the information they are looking for. The rest of the homepage touches briefly on points that any prospect would find relevant when looking to do business in the industry.


While the design needed to be inviting, fun and playful, we didn't want it to fall into the same look and feel of the rest of the industry. We worked on keeping the vibe fresh professional with the bright colours and use of the blue gradient, and then using the font 'Simply Rounded' to bring in that slight feel of fun and playfulness.

The most critical part to help separate the website from others in the industry were the photos. We shied away from the standard stock photos and went for some custom shots with brand T-shirts to bring in the authenticity and uniqueness.

Check out all the design work we have done for GenNow™ below:

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